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GB2 Heavy Duty Barrier

With each barrier providing 2 metres of ground coverage, the GB2 Heavy Duty Barrier (AKA ‘Separator 90 Barrier’) is the most cost effective water filled barrier when it comes to swiftly marking out a longer area. Weighing only 36 kg when empty, up to 220 metres of barrier can be delivered in just one load, and easily assembled by only two […]

SlotBlock Barrier

[…]only water-filled barrier to offer compatibility with standard mesh panels, the PAL Hire SlotBlock barrier is the go-to barrier for high-visibility protection, flexible deployment and superior wind […]

2000 Barrier

The 2000 barrier is a low containment water filled barrier system designed specifically for directional purposes. Designed with a patented 5 position interlocking system, the 2000 barrier can be positioned in straight lines across uneven surfaces, and will flow smoothly around bends and […]

Buddha Barrier

[…]environment for pedestrians over traditional Water Filled Separators, as well as this, the Buddha Barrier can be fitted with a metal fence panel that creates a barrier over 1.8 m in […]

Evo 55 Road Barrier

[…]each section of the Evo 55 Road Barrier system weighs only 8 kg making it the easiest water filled barrier to move and assemble. Each barrier has a length of 1 meter, height of 0.55 meter but can have a height of 1 meter when fitted with posts and rails and a width of 0.40 […]

Bison Barrier

New product from PAL Hire is the Bison Barrier. The Bison Barrier is a 1m x 2m water filled unit for delineation of traffic around sites. Weighing 400kg when full, the Bison stands up impressively against its […]

Vision Barrier

The Vision Barrier can connect to either itself or other existing barriers using the various attachment methods on offer. Reflective strips on the spindles allow increased […]

Strongwall Barrier

When wall barriers are required for the safety of pedestrians and vehicles, Strongwall Barrier systems offer a robust and versatile option for construction site and road work […]