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Glow-in-the-dark cement could replace street lights and illuminate pavements

[…]to solar energy and its ability to absorb. He focused on changing the microstructure within the cement, which then eradicates the crystals. The new cement is believed to last for 100 years, whereas other fluorescent materials have a lifespan of just three, when exposed to harsh UV rays. The research is still at the beginning of the commercialisation stage, with other materials being explored for its inclusion, such as plaster. The cement will be available in blue or green and the intensity modified to avoid dazzling cyclists or drivers. Rubio, who believes the market opportunities for this type of cement […]
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Permits for skip hire and other activities in London

[…]obstruct any road gullies, fire hydrants or covers to underground chambers or apparatus. Also, placement of the skip should not involve it being dragged or pushed along the highway in any way which causes or may cause damage. Skip hirers need to be made aware that during use, any spillage on the highway shall be prevented. The contents of the skip shall be kept damped down to prevent nuisance from dust and the content will be adequately covered during transit for disposal. The skip shall, when deposited, be clearly and indelibly marked with the owner’s name and his telephone number […]
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How Will the Weather Affect Productivity?

[…]slowing down the curing process. Curing temperatures differ depending on the product: Concrete/Cement – provided there is continuous curing, concrete or cement cured at about 12.7°C (55°F) for the first 28 days ultimately reaches the highest strength. Bitumen/Tarmac – the ideal temperature to cure asphalt or tarmac is 104°C to 143°C. Being able to predict weather patterns can protect your site against periodical risks. In the winter, PAL Hire can offer you weather-resistant storage containers to protect materials and plant from heavy rain and freezing temperatures. Winter and lack of sunlight has the biggest effect on labourers. The need for […]


[…]network can source and deliver mixing tools for plaster, cement and aggregates, including electric cement mixers to hire for internal work (don’t forget to hire a breaker and generator, too) and fuel-powered mixers to hire for external work. We really do offer all types of tools to hire under one roof, and we use our bulk buying power to achieve the best rates for our customers. Hire tools for all trades Hiring tools is about more than renting basic equipment. If you’re demolishing a house, it’s not just the demolition tools and a roll on roll off skip you need […]