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PAL Hire’s Summer Party

[…]aback by the fact they were seeing an actual beach with sand and beach balls and a pool on the grass, so it did take a little while for them to get accustomed. The adults on the other hand where excited about spending time at the beach and could not control themselves from wanting to build sandcastles. As we all know, and have seen at beaches on holiday, one man’s sandcastle is another man’s invitation to destroy the castle. Most individuals such as I attend parties for two reasons: food and drink. The drinks were flowing as we eagerly awaited […]


Specifically designed for outdoor use, EnduraMat effectively protects grass and other vulnerable surfaces from the weight of heavy vehicles and construction equipment, and limits erosion damage caused by dense and repetitive traffic […]


EnduraGrid is a robust and versatile ground protection system designed to prevent soil erosion, and the migration of loose earth and gravel, to provide solid – and safer – walking and driving surfaces at construction sites, outdoor events and […]