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Turf Cutter

[…]areas of turf in preparation for landscape gardening projects and pipe and cable laying. This cutter features a powerful engine and variable depth setting. The machine features a gearbox drive system which means even in difficult ground conditions the Turf Cutter will keep driving […]

Working Temperatures of Plant

[…]optimum temperature generally depends on the type of fuel used, whether it be diesel, petrol, or biodiesel. Last year, RAC reported road cars breaking down due to “diesel waxing.” This same process can occur in plant and machinery. Diesel contains wax that forms crystals at the cloud point of fuel. Cloud point refers to the temperature below which diesel forms a cloudy appearance. These crystals grow until the filter plugs and the equipment shuts down. Standard ambient temperature of plant ranges from -1° C to 52° C. Some companies, however, have developed arctic temperature packages which enables machinery to operate […]

Commercial Waste – Are You Breaking the Law?

[…]Waste Lightbulbs Liquids Mattresses Medical Waste Oils Paint and Paint Tins Pesticides Petrol Plasterboard Solvents TVs Tyres If you’re looking to dispose of one of these materials and are unsure whether your current policy complies with the law on commercial waste, speak to our team today. The later you hold off, the more likely it could be you’re breaking the law without even knowing […]
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Contents of a Skip

[…]Waste, Lightbulbs, Liquids, Mattresses, Medical Waste, Oils, Paint and Paint Tins, Pesticides, Petrol, Plasterboard, Solvents, Televisions or Monitors, Tyres and Toxic […]

Breaking News: Telehandler Used In Bank Raid

[…]machinery being used in ATM robberies after a “digger” was used to rip a cash machine out of a petrol station wall in Hull on the morning of the 4th at 2:30. In that case, arrests have already been made but there is still an open call for information. If you know anything regarding the Hull incident the number is the same but the log number is 41 on the 4th July […]