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Turf Cutter

[…]areas of turf in preparation for landscape gardening projects and pipe and cable laying. This cutter features a powerful engine and variable depth setting. The machine features a gearbox drive system which means even in difficult ground conditions the Turf Cutter will keep driving […]

Working Temperatures of Plant

[…]optimum temperature generally depends on the type of fuel used, whether it be diesel, petrol, or biodiesel. Last year, RAC reported road cars breaking down due to “diesel waxing.” This same process can occur in plant and machinery. Diesel contains wax that forms crystals at the cloud point of fuel. Cloud point refers to the temperature below which diesel forms a cloudy appearance. These crystals grow until the filter plugs and the equipment shuts down. Standard ambient temperature of plant ranges from -1° C to 52° C. Some companies, however, have developed arctic temperature packages which enables machinery to operate […]

Breaking News: Telehandler Used In Bank Raid

[…]machinery being used in ATM robberies after a “digger” was used to rip a cash machine out of a petrol station wall in Hull on the morning of the 4th at 2:30. In that case, arrests have already been made but there is still an open call for information. If you know anything regarding the Hull incident the number is the same but the log number is 41 on the 4th July […]

Legal Requirements of Hire

[…]that must be disposed of using our hazardous waste service include: Asbestos Food Oil/Petrol/Diesel Explosives Batteries This is not an exhaustive list and further products can be found on our FAQs page. Powered Access Equipment The following covers MEWPs, boom and scissor lifts. All of which can be hired here. Labourers utilising powered access equipment and working at height must hold a valid IPAF card. There are different types of qualifications for each type of powered access – ensure your operator holds the correct one. In the same manner as plant and machinery, PAL Hire will only provide powered access if […]

HGV Safety Permits and The Future

[…]to zero and reducing water use by 70%. Acting Now for 2040 The UK has pledged to ban all new petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2040, which has resulted in corporations and councils examining the prospect of using electric vehicles for waste activities. The advancement in technology taken in the latter part of this decade have resulted in electric cars being more of an appealing proposition for businesses. Charge times are decreasing, driving ranges are increasing, and costs are falling as technology gets cheaper. The biggest problem for most companies is when to jump on the bandwagon. There […]

The UK, China, and Recycling Plastic

[…]authorities are trialling the conversion of plastic into fuel. Converting plastics to fuels like petrol, kerosene, and diesel closes the loop in the plastic lifecycle and, if taken up on a grand scale, could reduce plastics going to landfill by up to 80%. As the UK has already agreed to the EU’s recycling targets of 55% by 2025 and 60% by 2030, innovation is the only way the UK can recover from the import bans in other parts of the world. Current targets will not be met without innovation, but we are slowly making progress. Maybe, we’re finally learning from […]

Commercial Waste – Are You Breaking the Law?

[…]Waste Lightbulbs Liquids Mattresses Medical Waste Oils Paint and Paint Tins Pesticides Petrol Plasterboard Solvents TVs Tyres If you’re looking to dispose of one of these materials and are unsure whether your current policy complies with the law on commercial waste, speak to our team today. The later you hold off, the more likely it could be you’re breaking the law without even knowing […]
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UK’s HGV Driver Crisis Remains Chronic 

[…]that have been caused by the HGV driver shortage. From empty supermarket shelves to deserted petrol stations and paralysed sites waiting endlessly for materials that never come, the HGV driver crisis tentacles have been felt all up and down the country.  Ever since Brexit came into effect on the 31st of January 2020, the UK’s departure from the EU has signalled a change for the Heavy Goods Transport industry on both a national as well as international levels, the effects of which are far-reaching and felt throughout the entire construction industry.  While many in the Government and industry have worked […]