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Protecting Your Workforce When it Rains

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: 17th August 2018

Protecting Your Workforce When it Rains

Your workforce is the backbone of your company. Until AI and robotic technology advances to a point where humans are no longer the most advanced species on Earth, you need your workforce on your side. As humans we’re genetically developed to seek sunshine. Sunshine represents happiness. Rain represents sadness. PAL Hire’s aim is to bring your workers happiness when it’s raining. We understand this could be an impossible task. Some of us have tried to make people happy when they’re unhappy and have only made things worse; however, we’ve not been using PAL Hire’s strategy. What do you give someone…

Traffic Separators

Relevance: 20%      Posted on: 15th January 2016

Traffic Separators

These barriers are designed to create a solid wall for temporary barrier solutions. These traffic separators can be interlocked to give create variable heights based on client requirements. These are perfect when you wish to hire separators which have no gaps in between. For an even more stable solution, water or sand can be added for stability. All our traffic separators are wind tested for safety. We also offer a range of accessories such as boots and gloves to reflective posts and flags. Enquire about our 45 °or 90° turning system which allows areas to be blocked off effectively.

9 Point Emergency Business Contingency Recovery – Flooding

Relevance: 20%      Posted on: 25th July 2019

9 Point Emergency Business Contingency Recovery - Flooding

As the mercury rises in the UK, as does the potential for extreme thunderstorms and associated down-pouring of rain. The Met Office has already issued Yellow Warnings for Rainfall that may lead to surface water and flooding in a few places. This is expanded to the potential risk that homes and businesses could become flooded. How to recover from a flood at your company, business or place of work? Here is our list of things to consider when you have a flood disaster at your business. 1) Try and prepare in advance a. Move business critical items as high as…

Onsite in Winter – Dust Extraction and Ventilation

Relevance: 20%      Posted on: 7th November 2019

Onsite in Winter – Dust Extraction and Ventilation

It could be first fix during any time of the year. The building is just watertight, the shell of the build is up, the roof is on and external doors and windows are in place. It is time for trades to descend on the project to get that first fix under way. Construction can begin on internal walls, floors and ceilings – the project will now resemble that of the architects plans. Regardless of the size of the project, or the intended use of the building. This is the exciting bit where the plans envisaged materialise. Dust Happens on New…

The importance of PPE: are we taking health and safety for granted?

Relevance: 20%      Posted on: 15th September 2016

All construction site managers will know that one of the most important things is keeping their workers safe. Thanks to the HSE, here in the UK, we have certain standards that must be met in order for a site to be legal. It is the employer’s duty to provide the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). This includes anything that will safeguard workers, such as high-visibility clothing, safety footwear and harnesses, protective eye-wear, helmets and gloves. The HSE explains how PPE should be a last resort when it comes to health and safety. Where health and safety cannot be controlled…