Andy Arnold - Systems & Data Analyst | Meet the PAL Hire Team 1

Andy Arnold – Systems & Data Analyst | Meet the PAL Hire Team

17 October 2019

Andy Arnold Systems & Data Analyst

We are running a series of Meet The Team Posts. Continuing with our Systems & Data Analyst – Andy Arnold. Giving you an insight into the people behind PAL Hire, the team who work with you day to day to provide the best possible hire experience.


Chicken Caesar Salad


Andy is a Scout Leader and throughout the year, he spends his weekends running camps for his troop. Organisation is key for Andy, he is famed for having the best field kitchen outside of the Armed Forces! Catering for hundreds of Scouts per sitting; we are also informed knocking up the best breakfast possible. When not making breakfasts for hungry Scouts, he can be found rock climbing or dangling some Scout off cliff faces (Ed: we are sure this involves a harnesses and other safety equipment).

We liken Andy to our very own MacGyver – he has all the gadgets.

Work Ethic:

Andy’s role involves providing mission critical systems data to stakeholders across the business. He uses the word tenacious when summing up his approach to work.


To have the ability to sleep with his eyes open

Tell us Something Else:

Andy used to be a professional clown and has mastered many of the skills involved in circus performance. Meet Plonko!!