Easily Access the UK’s Largest Network of Equipment Hire Depots

26 August 2021

Hi, PAL Hire here! In the past decade we ‘ve fulfilled thousands of equipment hire bookings for companies just like yours. Access Multiple Items of...

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Appreciation Like No Other Employer – No Perks for Perks Sake

18 June 2021

A week ago, five members of the PAL team were taken for a leisurely afternoon by a company director. This may not appear unusual for...

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Better Security with Barriers and Fencing

4 February 2021

During the first lockdown of 2020, the major supermarkets scrabbled to find the easiest way to ensure that their customers could queue safely whilst waiting...

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Whatever Happens on Site, We can Sort it, just open an account!

27 January 2021

Opening an account with us means we are prepared and ready to respond to any equipment hire issue that may arise. Often customers discover they...

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Festivals will return

21 January 2021

The events industry is taking a huge knock now. All the media can do is look on to the companies, who have tried to keep...

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How to Manage Wet Weather Hazards on Site 7 Tips

20 January 2021

Construction in the rain is never a great activity to look forward to. Here are 7 tips to manage Wet Weather Hazards on a construction...

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