Ellie Hudson  - Hire Support Adviser | Meet the PAL Hire Team 2

Ellie Hudson – Hire Support Adviser | Meet the PAL Hire Team

22 October 2019

Ellie Hudson – Hire Support Adviser

We are running a series of ‘Meet The Team’ Posts. Continuing with one of our Hire Support Advisers – Ellie Hudson. Giving you an insight into the people behind PAL Hire, the team who work with you day to day to provide the best possible hire experience.


No chicken in involved in this post. Ellie is quite vocal about her utter love of Cheese and Chocolate. Although not at the same time, but we know there are factions of the world who make cheese and chocolate concoctions.


There is not a more avid football supporter then Ellie. Her passion for her team runs through her veins, what’s more Ellie has a knowledge and understanding of the beautiful game – placing her in the realm of pundit. Ellie never misses a beat about city…she literally lives it.

Work Ethic:

Ellie is a natural people person. What’s more she gets what you are trying to do and goes out of her way to get it resolved. As a Hire Support Adviser, Ellie’s day is never the same and she relishes the challenges that hire offers her daily. Ellie is a natural born problem solver and brings even more sparkle to our support team.

Favourite Colour:

There is only one colour in Ellie’s world…BLUE


Ellie would like to never have to sleep. (Ed. We think this would enable Ellie to find some more people to chat to)

Tell us Something Else:

Some say you can not be a true football supporter unless you share your passion with your family. In Ellie’s case, Ellie and her family only went and starred in are recent television commercial for telecoms Giant EE. Obviously the Ellie’s beloved Manchester City is the subject and how EE can be used to help someone experience a game using virtual reality. That person is Ellie’s Grandad who also shares Ellie’s passion! Please see below: