Scissor Lifts

Scissor lift hire is available throughout the UK, with a range of models available for indoor and outdoor environments. Indoor models have non-marking tyres to minimise impact on flooring.

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With scissor lift hire, there are many options to select based on your requirements. The machines are powered by bi-energy fuel, electric or diesel fuels.

In a scissor lift, the platform sizes can vary and this means there is capacity for multiple workers on the one platform and that too with heavy duty tools without any problems with safety issues.

Hydraulic outriggers ensure that the platform remains stable even in rough conditions. Some scissor lift models are fitted with low noise emissions. Most scissor lift platforms have a 30-40% gradability, which is useful for terrain work.

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17 Items

17.24m Diesel Scissor Lift

The 17.24m Diesel Scissor Lift is ideal for any site needing powered access. This model is all terrain and can be operated indoors and outdoors. Models provided by PAL Hire include

18.5m Electric Scissor Lift

The Holland Lift electric scissor lift provides 18.5m and features non marking tyres and a power to platform unit. This machine can be used in a wide range of indoor

20m Narrow Electric Scissor Lift

The Liftlux scissor lift SL180N offers a narrow solution for working heights of 20m and is capable of lifting four operators for indoor tasks and applications. This machine features non

21.5m Diesel Scissor Lift

The Holland Lift diesel scissor lift 220D provides a working height reach of 21.9m and a safe working load of 750kg designed to support safe and effective work at height

26.5m Diesel Scissor Lift

The Liftlux scissor lift has a generous 26.5m reach and four wheel drive enabling safe work at height on a range of tasks and applications including construction, roofing and property development.

5.6m Electric Scissor Lift

The 5.6m Electric Scissor Lift is the smallest in our range, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in usability. Boasting an excellent turning radius for easy

Scissor Lifts, also referred to as Vertical Lifts, are available for hire in a variety of sizes based on your specific requirements. Scissor Lifts provide easy control and are available in lightweight models for light movement and work. The design features ensure that work is more productive and that utilising it makes work simple every day. Scissor Lifts are perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor work. Designed for lifting people to various heights, in tight spaces and in harsh conditions, hiring Scissor Lifts from PAL Hire is simple and easy.