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Operated Road Sweeper

Operated Road Sweeper Hire gives you the confidence and flexibility to know that your road cleaning job is being carried out by a professional. Available in different hire models by

Site Services

PAL Hire provide a range of site services to suit your needs and site or event objectives.

Unlimited Data Plug and Play Internet Solution

Cost effective Mobile internet solution for your site or event The internet is more and more important to the running of a site. With so many of us relying on

We provide a range of specialised site services from erection and dismantle, quality and safety inspection to independent auditing services. Together with our solutions, we offer an approach that lowers the operational costs to our customers. Our vast industry capabilities allow us to add value and streamline your on-site operations regardless of their scale. Our industry professionals are sought after by our customers to ensure quality and safety inspection works are carried out effectively and quickly so that major risks are identified and alternatives are sought for the safety of the workers on the site. We work with our customers to identify their exact requirements so that we can allocate and supply the best team for the job. We can also offer you total support from start to finish of your project, from advising on the equipment to choose from erection & lifting to removal equipment once the project is complete.