Hannah Nicholls – Hire Desk Controller - Meet the Team Behind The Hire 1

Hannah Nicholls – Hire Desk Controller – Meet the Team Behind The Hire

4 November 2019

Hannah Nicholls – Hire Desk Controller

We are running a series of Meet The Team Posts. Continuing with one of our Hire Desk Controllers – Hannah Nicholls. Giving you an insight into the people behind PAL Hire, the team who work with you day to day to provide the best possible hire experience.


Hannah explained that the long autumn and winter evenings drives her to devour cookie dough straight from the tub. This is in line with the other two seasons. We are not sure if this a meal or just comfort eating? – it just makes sense.

Hannah continued to explain that at no stage in human evolution should pineapple be put anywhere near a pizza.

Most Influential Person

Hannah explained that her God Mother Suzie is the most influential person in her life. Like a second Mum and she would not know what to do without her.


Hannah is a gym buff and frequents the gym 6 times a week. We are not sure if this is to exercise or if they have a cookie dough shop? When Hannah is not eating cookie dough, gymming-it, she can be found binge watching her Netflix favourites. We also suspect there is some combo action of Netflix and Cookie Dough going on here.

Work Ethic:

A relatively new member of the Hire Desk. Hannah is proving herself to be true to her word. We can vouch that at every turn – as she is learning more and more about hire Hannah is ‘determined’ to do better.

Favourite Colour:



When asked about what superpower Hannah would like to have. She explained that she would like to be able to solve any problems people are suffering with.

Tell us Something Else:

Hannah spends a lot of time on social media. Whilst she is not one of those vacant Instagram ‘Influencer’ types…Hannah does like to promote a positive body image and healthy mindset anyone who needs help via social media.