Are You Ready to Off-Hire?

31 October 2018

Within PAL Hire, and the plant hire industry in general, there is great confusion in relation to the off-hiring process. As PAL Hire continues to...

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Are Your Toilets Legal?

21 June 2016

Legal toilets? Sounds like something a shifty-looking, cigar-smoking Delboy would try and sell you, “And, they flush too Rodderz!” Hiring loos is easy isn’t it?...

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Breaking News: Telehandler Used In Bank Raid

13 July 2017

Dramatic footage of thieves using a Bobcat telehandler to rip a cash machine have been released earlier today by Leicestershire Police Force. Watch the full...

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Colorised History: Iconic Buildings In Mid Construction Brought To Life

18 July 2017

One of the coolest trends in photography now is using colourizing techniques to bring history to life. As covered by Vox, Buzzfeed and even BBC News,...

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Did you Underestimate the North?

3 October 2019

We have already charted how important portable toilets are on building sites. Everyone understands that where there is a professional construction team – they need...

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Different Types of Skips

11 September 2018

When I was first asked if I wanted to hire a skip, thousands of questions raced through my mind, such as whether I needed one...

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