Lucy Welford – Hire Support Adviser - Meet the Team Behind the Hire 2

Lucy Welford – Hire Support Adviser – Meet the Team Behind the Hire

18 November 2019

Lucy Welford – Hire Support Adviser

We are running a series of Meet the Team Posts. Continuing with another one of our Hire Support Advisers – Lucy Welford. Giving you an insight into the people behind PAL Hire, the team who work with you day to day to provide the best possible hire experience.


The chickens are safe…well until they are doused in oriental spices and served with a healthy handful of prawn crackers and rice. Lucy is a lover of Chinese food. We believe that Friday nights is the night for Chinese in Lucy’s house. Lucy is a firm believer that pineapple should be banished from the minds of anyone considering putting it on pizza.

 Most Influential Person:

When it came to choose her most influential person, Lucy had no problem coming up with Ellen DeGeneres as her point of influence. The popular American Talk Show host shares a world of traits with Lucy. Humanity and a great sense of humour are top of the list.


We have another avid cook our midst. Lucy who sits next to our other cooking loving Kylie – loves to cook. To be honest when the support team are not dealing with off hires, problem solving or other support related hire issues. They can always be talking about food. Lucy blew our minds with her culinary speciality – Lucy does breakfasts!

Work Ethic:

The cup is half full and can be refilled according to Lucy. You can hear positivity bussing through her voice when Lucy is speaking with our suppliers and our customers. It has also been noticed that there is a positive

vibe about Lucy every day. We promote a positive working environment here at PAL Hire, but we are also aware we can have days when we feel a bit…well ‘meh’- not our Lucy. Lucy used one word to describe herself and that was ‘positive’. We agree.

Favourite Colour:

Lucy loves Pink


We have a generic list of superpowers which our team can choose from, should they have never found themselves wondering what it is like to don a cape or wear their underpants on the outside of their trousers. Lucy shrugged this off and opted for the ‘other’ option and added that she would like to stop time.

Now here’s the thing…not all heroes wear capes…or are completely without fault and our caped crusader Lucy would probably use her special ability to maximise her bank balance….we are sure she would also use it to maximise the amount of time staring into the eyes of a loved one too! Or slapping the people who put pineapple on pizza across the face with a soggy gym sock?

Tell us Something Else:

Lucy has constant hiccups. Every office has a din…a background noise of your computer whirring, people chatting on the phones, the office radio or streaming service spouting nonstop music…ours is punctuated by the sweetest occasional hic from Lucy.

We did a google and discovered that if you have hiccups that last longer than 48 hours, perhaps you should consult a medical professional.