Moving Home or Office During Summer

Moving Home or Office During Summer

5 June 2018

As we dive into the summer months, we see more and more houses and office spaces going up on the market, people getting ready to make a move. Many statistics suggest that summer is the most popular reason for moving to a new house or office space, with most house buyers choosing September 1st for their moving day. In 2015, the busiest day for removal companies was the 31st of July.

The sun shining can make the whole moving process just a little easier, you don’t have to worry about your stuff getting wet from the rain, you can leave stuff outside and take them in as and when you need, a lot of things can make the whole process easier.

Moving to a new house with children is always a hassle, but if they’re in school, you’d have to stop what you’re doing to go and pick them up, meaning the whole process will be made even longer. During the summer, the children could be with their grandparents or aunties and uncles, meaning you don’t need to worry about picking them up, or, f the sun is shining, they could be playing in their new garden whilst you sort the house. With them being off for a couple of weeks, it would make the perfect time to have days out, exploring the local area, looking for local parks that could bring entertaining for years to come, finding places to go on long family walks. The summer makes the perfect time to do things as a family and moving to a new house in a new area would be the perfect excuse to explore. If you’re moving far away, summer could be the perfect time for your children to leave one school and start another. When everyone is already saying goodbye at the end of the year, it will make it just a little easier for your children to say goodbye to their friends. But make sure you plan well in advance, if you leave it till Summer, it may be difficult to get your child a place at the local school. Planning is key for a situation like this, so if you know your child will need to transfer schools, be sure to apply much earlier on in the year to secure that place.

Summer is car boot season, and what better time to do a clear out than when you’re moving to a new house or office space? Don’t pack all the stuff you don’t want in boxes, only to fill you nice new house with rubbish and clutter, pack up the car a couple of weeks before hand and sell it on a car boot sale. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. With many people spending their Sunday mornings looking for a bargain, you’re sure to get rid of some of your old stuff and make a little extra cash in the process. It’s a win, win situation.

You’ll have to be careful though! As I mentioned earlier, it’s the busiest time of year to move to a new house or office space, so unless you have lots of helpful family with vans and cars, make sure you book your removal van well in advance. You’re less likely to get a good deal on the van but you’re sure to get the help you need to make the move run smoothly. You’ll also have to get some time off work. With everyone choosing to book their holidays during summer, make sure you ask your boss well in advance to be sure to get off the time you need. There’s nothing quite as stressful as moving to a new house, so a little time off work to get yourself organised may be exactly what you need. Not only can it be a pain to you if ou can’t get time off during summer to move to a new house, it could be a pain for managers if, during the time they’re moving to a new office, all of their staff is taking holidays. You’ll need all the help you can get, so choose the time when less people are off, many hands make light work.

Moving to a new house or office space takes a lot of careful planning and consideration, but if you think logically, you’ll be happy in your new home or office in no time.

When it comes to clearing out your old house or office, you’re likely to have a lot of rubbish and waste you need to get rid of. A skip may be exactly what you need to keep all your rubbish in one place, after all, you don’t want to accidentally throw away the things you want to keep and take a load of rubbish to your new house or office, do you? Contact PAL Hire for a skip quote today.