Onsite Welfare: the do’s, don’ts and musts!

6 February 2017

How legal is your construction site?

Are you aware of all the regulations and standards you have to meet in order for your site to be lawful? The HSE have provided us with rules to ensure that your workers are properly looked after at all times. Because, after all, the job always gets done better if everyone is comfortable!

First of all, there are a set amount of toilet facilities that must be present. The HSE recommend around 1 toilet for every 7 workers, based on the average 8 hour day. The toilets are to be kept clean and in an orderly condition, and there must be washing facilities that can be used immediately after toilet or urinal use. The washing facilities include clean hot and cold running water, soap or similar means of cleaning and the workers must be able to fit up to their elbow in a wash basin.

All toilets must be well lit, ventilated and, depending on the nature of the job, there should be shower units available.

It is also stated that there should be an area available so workers can securely store clothing and personal items, as well as dry wet items.

Welfare facilities must be easily accessible by all workers, at all times. As well as the washing facilities needing to be in close proximity to the toilets, they also need to be near canteens and rest rooms so people can wash before eating and relaxing.

Here at PAL Hire, we have everything you need to make your construction site both lawful and a pleasant environment to work in. From portable toilet hire, shower unit hire and canteen unit hire – we can get our hands on anything you may need!

Did you know that working conditions relate to a workers mental and emotional health? If the environment feels unsafe for the worker or if it is unsanitary, the worker, by no fault of their own, will not perform to their full potential and therefore the job standard could suffer. So, when you’re hiring out equipment for your site, it not only provides your employees with better working conditions, but it also assures the project is completed to its highest standard.

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