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Multiple Products Supplier – Events and Festivals

[…]they do not allow for even the minutest of delays. PAL Hire is the company to turn to when the pressure is at its highest. The majority of events take place after several months of planning and for an event to falter at the last hurdle is something we do not wish to see. When hiring events equipment through PAL Hire, we provide you with a range of options, including preferred delivery date and time for each product you may hire as this allows for delivery in a sequential order. The majority of events and festivals will require temporary buildings, […]
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600 Gallon Fuel Tank/Bowser

[…]solution. They are then finished off with an acrylic primer. The fuel tanks also include adequate pressure and venting relief for both the outer and inner tanks to account for sudden temperature changes and emergency conditions to mitigate a […]


[…]and installing tight fitting parts such as gears, bearings, shafts etc. A hydraulic ram applies pressure to remove / install the seized / stuck component. Both self contained and separate hydraulic versions are […]

Environmentally Friendly Plant And Equipment Hire

[…]throughout the UK. We understand the changing nature of the construction industry and the pressure companies are under to reduce their impact on the environment. Corporate and social responsibility is high on the agenda when it comes to tendering for new projects. End-clients do not want to be associated with projects that have a high carbon footprint. At PAL Hire, we offer solutions designed to: Reduce fuel costs. Lower noise levels in built up areas. Cut air pollution. Reduce your carbon footprint. Reduce time spent completing maintenance tasks. Our eco-friendly range includes generators, welfare units, powered access, and plant and […]
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Recovery from Snow and Flood Building Contingency

[…]after a period of snow. When there are incidents of flooding following a snow event. The pressure on business can be extreme as operations struggle to recover from what is already a trailing time. Whether it is an interruption to production, storage or distribution flooding can be that element of a weather incident you have not factored for. It is already bad enough to have reduced human resources and flying at the seat of your business pants using the last of your carefully figured out contingency plans and then comes the flood. Actions on flood Limiting the disruption to the […]
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A call to end modern-day slavery in construction

[…]Wells, Associate, Engineers Against Poverty says, “The global trend towards outsourcing, and pressure to constantly undercut in price, are significant risk factors for vulnerable workers. The worst paid are effectively subsidising the multinationals and taking the brunt of commercial pressures. It’s important that we start mapping out relationships across the whole supply chain. The labyrinthine transactions between subcontractors and their agents are where we should be looking […]
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PAL Stands by Staff in Hard Times

[…]several initiatives to support its team.  Stockport based business has tried to relieve the pressure on its team with recent increase to the cost of living by introducing beneficial incentives. These include: A pay rise for the whole team – to counter the rise in National Insurance coming into play in April 2022. Free Breakfast The aim of the measures is to reduce the impact of the cost of living, which has been impacted by numerous external influences. And whilst the initiatives are designed to make life easier now, they are set to remain as the company continues to grow. […]