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Water Distribution

[…]Hire, we not only control proceedings building up to the start of a project or an event, we also control proceedings during an event. Our water filling service ensures your tanks will be filled before they reach a dangerously low level. This service can be arranged on a weekly basis – you only have to tell us the best day for you, whether it be Wednesday or Sunday, and we’ll make sure the levels in your tanks remain at a comfortable operating level for the entirety of your event. If the hosepipe ban, which is currently only affecting the North […]

The UK, China, and Recycling Plastic

[…]back to haunt us. When using the term “we”, I do not mean consumers. Consumers have zero control over the packaging accommodating the products they purchase. Those who do have control are the sellers of aforementioned products – businesses. How has the UK reacted to China’s ban? Not in the way you would expect it to react. From everything said so far, you would expect the UK government, or local councils, to bring in a team of experts that can provide fresh, innovative ideas, and place, in legislation, requirements on businesses designed to reduce the amount of plastic packaging used […]

Vaccination Site Essential Equipment

[…]site has a perimeter fence will be required to secure the vaccination site, and metal crowd control barriers are used internally to filter patients and ensure social distancing is maintained. Due to the number of vaccinations that are required, some vaccination centres will need to run shifts to remain open twenty-four hours a day. This maximises the utilisation of equipment and speeds up the roll out of COVID Vaccines. Useful in high areas of population and or in infection hot spots. Aspects like lighting, additional welfare facilities will be needed to ensure that the vaccination centre can run accordingly. Site […]

Contracts and Sub Contracts in the wake of the Carillion Collapse

[…]collaborate on time and resource. Then the assets which are available can be fluidly deployed to control the project progress. Once the actual ‘shovels’ are deployed and controlled the financial aspect of multiple tasks on a project – materials, equipment and plant hire need control and paying for. The latter are normally part of the contracting team. But is the kit fit for purpose – who arranges fuel, welfare and waste? Micro and Macro Project Management From the micro to the macro level of multiple construction projects it is easy to see how big companies can get lost down a […]
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[…]your needs – and we’ve got over a decade’s experience serving customers across the UK in industries like event management, telecoms and construction. Whatever your trade, trust PAL Hire to solve your tool hire problems. This is how you can save time and money on tool hire Whether you’re hiring tools, plant or equipment like diggers, dumpers, generators and skips, it makes sense to save on time and money by getting everything in one place, with just one phone call. Instead of spending countless hours searching for equipment to hire, comparing rates, arranging delivery and filing invoices, imagine the savings […]

Permits for skip hire and other activities in London

[…]shall be prevented. The contents of the skip shall be kept damped down to prevent nuisance from dust and the content will be adequately covered during transit for disposal. The skip shall, when deposited, be clearly and indelibly marked with the owner’s name and his telephone number and fitted with markings in accordance with the provisions of the Builders’ Skips (Marking) Regulations 1984. Which also stipulates reflective yellow and red strip must be attached to the ends of the skip facing the traffic. Skip Licence, Highway licences and dispensation fees We have researched several London boroughs to ascertain what the […]
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Wheel Washer Hire

Our wheel washers use the latest in technology to keep your vehicle clean from dirt, grime, dust and other types of dirt. Keep your building site in line with road guidelines to ensure minimal impact on the highway. Reduce the need for road sweeping and be more cost effective. Apart from the largest construction sites, civil engineering sites and sites where haulage is in and out throughout the day. A site wheel washer is a little-known marvel and can save on some local road sanitation (keeping roads clean) using road […]