PAL Hire launches employee engagement initiative 3

PAL Hire launches employee engagement initiative

28 June 2016

We are delighted to have recently launched our employee engagement initiative.

The internal drive, named PETE (Pal’s Engagement Team of Employees), is designed to give voice and representation to the people working at PAL Hire.

These members will be dedicated to forming an open forum to assist in company development and become a unified voice, representing the workforce as a whole.

This will include general thoughts on how things are run and brainstorming ideas on how the business can move forward.

The idea to hand over some company decisions to the staff came after a rapid spurt of growth, resulting in less time for the directors.

The idea is that when staff engage with one another, they are able to identify what matters to them, goals are executed more quickly, enabling further growth with more flexibility and adaptability.

By forming a voice from within PAL, aligned goals enable targets to be achieved, but also ensures that company time isn’t wasted on issues that are irrelevant.

The team will also be responsible for planning and delivering a range of activities within the business, including team-building, nights out and charity events.

In return, the staff will learn range of new skills and awards for their time and efforts.

The nominations have opened today and people will be selected by an election-style process, ensuring that the team members have been chosen by their peers to represent them.

Dan Daintry, company Director says, “We are delighted to have implemented this initiative at PAL Hire and the feedback and interest so far has been overwhelming.

“Involving people in the decisions who fundamentally make the business work, not only gives them a voice, but lets us make more fact-based decisions, rather than assumption based on what we feel the employees want.

“We also believe this approach will create a cohort of leaders, which is essential for a growing business.”