Portable Toilets - A credible aspect to Post Covid-19 Risk Assessments

Portable Toilets – A credible aspect to Post Covid-19 Risk Assessments

20 May 2020

Getting your business risk assessment for Covid-19 precautions right. It is a difficult balance of social distancing, and making sure you have the right balance of infrastructure in place to cater for staff and visitors to your premises.

Portable and temporary toilets are an obvious edition to your workplace is you have staff coming to and forth, maybe in a transport yard or obviously a building site environment. But we have also been asked to provide portable toilets. To educational settings (schools, colleges, and universities), again in a bid to support social distancing.

Are Portable toilets safe and hygienic?

Companies are using portable toilets and here is why. We are a country with high standards, with impeccable building regulations, workplace health and safety and general well being of our operations. This in turn makes sure we do not tip over the edge and become an excessively litigious society. In the most part we look after our people we work with, our customers and suppliers.
Sometimes it takes the might of one person to identify that something simple could make a huge change to so many. In this case we refer to the guidance from the Construction Leadership Council and their site operating procedures. They recommended that portable toilets should be avoided where possible.

It took a plucky PSE (Portable Sanitation Europe Ltd) member Shaun Allen. Who was shocked by the advice to become a challenger. Shaun correctly stated and lobbied the PSE, that in fact portable toilets should be used as they are credible (and affordable) social distancing equipment. Shaun stated, that if they (portable toilets) are cleaned and emptied more frequently. Then they will help any business develop their social distancing risk assessment. And subsequent plans.

It goes far to say, that one person can make a huge change and a difference to how we run our businesses – making it clear that portable toilets and the thought process that appears to be driving UK wide demand is clear. The simple issue of extra services of rental equipment may appear to be a simple solution to some, but the additional services of portable toilets give business a super charged solution for social distancing. We say well done to Shaun.

Portable toilets in numerous configurations (hot wash, multi bay, urinal, disabled etc). Are available for hire from PAL Hire and we deliver and service nationwide.
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