1.0m high Standard Ball Top Railings

3 April 2021


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Made using sturdy galvanised steel, our ball top railings are designed to last. The galvanisation process reduces rusting and increases the railings overall lifespan. In addition, we also have a choice of custom or standard powder coated colours. This not only improves the visibility and aesthetic, but it also adds to the lifespan of the railings themselves.

The ball top design is made using a welded steel ball to the top of the rail. This not only protects pedestrians from the rail top but also adds to the overall look of the fence line. The ball top railing is a popular choice for many public facing places as it is not only secure, but also is an appealing fencing structure.

Popular uses of ball top fencing includes:

    • Public parks and social spaces
    • School playgrounds
    • Commerical areas
    • Housing developments
    • Driveways and car parks

These railings come in kit form. So you just have to select how many meters or bays you need, and we will calculate the number of panels, posts, cleats and fixings you would typically require. However if you did require additional of any of these, we sell them separately.

Standard/Self-Raking Standard
Heights Available 1000mm
Post Type Available Dig In, Bolt Down
Finish Galvanised, Powder Coated
Material Galvanised Steel
PPC Colours Green, Black, Blue, Red, Grey, Brown
Weight 34kg