1.5m Evo Barrier System

2 April 2021


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This slightly larger Evo Barrier system is the perfect companion to any safety or traffic divider.

This Waterfilled barrier can also be fitted with mesh or reflective panels to augment the productivity of the barriers. If you did require these add-ons to the barriers however, we would advise informing us when you order them as we can add the drilled holes for you.


The Evo Barriers can be used in a wide variety of scenarios; some examples are:

  • Traffic separation
  • Event traffic/crowd control
  • Building works
  • Roadblocks

Due to their visible appearance, they can be used in a wide variety of security situations. The red and white colours boldly stand out against any working environment making them the perfect partner when it comes to safety and securing the working environment for employees and pedestrians.


Storage and transportation:

The purposefully designed lightweight structure of the waterfilled barriers make them accessible and easily transportable as they can be lifted with ease when empty.

Despite this, when they are filled to the water line they are substantially robust and will firmly stay in place. To ensure that they do stay in position, they have an interlocking system which connects them all to prevent breakage in the security line.

The waterfilled barriers are also surprisingly easy to store as they can be folded in on themselves and then stacked on top of each other, you can comfortably stack 40 Evo Barriers on a pallet to store and transport.

Product Barrier
Height 555mm
Length 1500mm
Material UVMDPE
Pack Size 24
Weight When Filled 30kg [Full], 10kg [Empty]