1.5m high Safe Top Mesh

3 April 2021


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Safe Top Fencing

Standing at a height of 1.5m, Safe Top Mesh Fencing is made from galvanised steel. Powder Coated Green is stocked as standard, other colours available on request.

Installing a 1.5m high Safe Top Mesh Fencing security system consists of a rolled down top which provides great strength and rigidity. At 3.0m wide, Roll Top Mesh requires fewer posts for installation which are very easy to erect using square box section posts. Safe Top Mesh Fencing is supplied as a kit that contains all of the necessary posts and fixings.

Safe Top Mesh Fencing is an ideal choice for areas requiring a low to medium level of security. This style of mesh differs from our Prison Mesh range due to its rolled down top, making it a safer option when considering security fencing. With this Mesh Fencing containing no sharp edges or spikes, it is a great choice for areas which often have children and members of the public present. Installing Safe Top Mesh Fencing will provide you with a very strong and rigid security system. Having a galvanised finish enables this system to be long-lasting and ideal for permanent use.

Safe Top Mesh Fencing is supplied as a kit containing all of the required fixings and posts. Each bay is 3.0m wide.

Purchasing Torque Bits are highly recommended as they are required when installing Mesh Fencing Security systems and are designed to specifically fit the bolts included in our Mesh Fencing Kits.


You may use this Safe Top Mesh Fencing system for areas which require a medium level of security for instance, to secure schools and residential areas.

Fencing Construction

Each Safe Top Mesh Fencing Panel is made from galvanised steel consisting of horizontal and vertical wires that have a diameter of 5mm. These steel wires are pressed together to prevent any potential intrusion. With a width of 3.0m, the panels require fewer posts for installation and are very easy to construct using square box section posts.

Features and benefits

  • Pre-Galvanising Safe Top Mesh Panels protects them from developing rust over time, this will also prevent lasting damage to the surface.
  • For further protection against enduring factors like weathering and vandalism, a Polyester Powder Coating is added. This is an effective and more permanent finish which will also make the Mesh Fencing more prominent.
  • Consisting of a 5mm diameter, the horizontal and vertical steel wires are pressed together to create difficulty for intruders gaining access to a site.
  • Despite having rolled sections at the top and bottom of the panel, this security system also provides sufficient strength and rigidity.

Height1500mm (above ground)Bay Width3000mmMaterialPre-Galvanised Steel