1.8m High GRP Non-Conductive Palisade Fencing Kit

2 April 2021


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1.8m High GRP Palisade Fencing Kit

GRP Palisade Fencing are non-conductive fencing which are used in areas such as electrical environments, railways, and power stations. These products are strong and extremely easy to assemble. It produces and delivers a long-term practical solution that overcomes any corrosion challenges facing the industry today. These products are predominantly used in areas such as:
Electrical Environments
Power Stations
Marine Environments
Chemical Sites
Electrical Sites

Components include per 2.72m Panel:

  • 15 units of Pales
  • Rails – Bottom Rail and Top Rail
  • 1 Post to suit with Fixings
  • Fixing Pack to suit

Features and Benefits

The benefits of a product such as non-conductive Palisade are that it is resistant to corrosion and chemicals and its non-conductive suitability mean that is a cost-effective solution and is suitable for many projects. The strength of this product is like steel however it is a lot lighter than steel. Non-Conductive palisade is typically low maintenance and has little need for renovation or refurbishment meaning it is a long-lasting solution. It is highly effective around electromagnetic and thermal insulator; this is because it is electronically transparent and not affected by electromagnetic fields or radio wave frequencies.

Height 1800mm (installed)
Finish GRP
Bay Width 2720mm
Pale Height 1750mm
Post Type Dig In, Bolt Down
Pale Type Single Point
Post Width 76mm
Material GRP
Compliant to BS 1722-12:2016
Weight/bay 159kg