1.8m High ‘W’ Section Palisade Security Fencing

2 April 2021


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1.8m High Palisade Fencing Kit

Components Included per 2.75m Bay:

  • Palisade Fencing Posts – Dig In or Bolt Down
  • Palisade Pales – (17 ‘W’ section pales per bay)
  • Top and Bottom Rails (Top Rails contain small barbs)
  • Anti-Tamper Fixings (Snap-off Bolts and Cone Nuts)
  • Palisade Fishplates (Two Fishplates included in the kit)

Things to consider:

Postfix Cement or Bolt Down Bolts are not included within our kit, so this should be ordered separately if required for your Palisade Fencing .
Also, remember to order an Additional Post Kit if your fencing does not join back on itself.

Key Features

  • Steel Galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461:2009
  • ‘W’ Section Pales
  • Robust
  • Reliable site security
  • Install on hard or soft ground types

Further Information

This 1.8m high Palisade Fencing is suitable for a variety of outdoor locations where a medium level of security is required. Designed for permanent installation, this Palisade Fencing is extremely robust and resilient and is often a popular choice of security fencing for industrial and commercial buildings, as well as public areas.

Made from cold rolled steel, this 1.8m high Palisade Fencing offers great strength and is supplied with a protective galvanised finish, to help prevent rust. The pales have a ‘w’ shape profile which makes it very difficult for people to grip onto the Palisade Fencing. The Palisade Fencing also have triple pointed heads, which helps to prevent climbing activity. Here at First Fence, we also offer single pointed, as well as round and notched pales for Palisade Fencing.

Steel Palisade Fencing is an effective way of protecting your site from intrusion and it also works a theft deterrent due it’s intimidating appearance. The spacing between each pale is also too narrow for large objects to be passed through the security fencing. Palisade Fencing can often be seen protecting industrial sites, agricultural areas, schools, railway stations and high security buildings.

Height 1800mm (installed)
Finish Galvanised
Bay Width 2750mm (post centre to post centre)
Pale Height 1750mm
Post Type Dig In, Bolt Down
Pale Type Triple Pointed, Round & Notched, Single Point
Post Width 44mm
Material Galvanised Steel
Compliant to BS EN ISO 1461:2009
Weight /bay 58.95kgs
Weight /metre 21.44kgs