2.0m high Standard Bow Top Railings

3 April 2021


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Features and Benefits

  • The spaces between the rails provide high levels of visibility without allowing intruders to slip through the bars.
  • Hot Dip Galvanisation to BS EN 1461 standards and Polyester Powder Coating is available as standard, which gives the railings added protection against rust and weathering. These finishes will ultimately increase the longevity of the fencing structure.



These Standard Bow Top Railings function as a safe and secure boundary system for a site perimeter, making them a good choice for public and domestic environments. These Standard railings are non-raking and can be installed on a variety of ground types. Powder Coating is also available in various RAL colours to give your railings both a protective and smooth outer finish. These railings are robust and are built to withstand stormy and harsh weather conditions.

Posts and fixings are provided with your railings. However if your railings do not make a continuous structure an extra post will be required to secure the terminus of the railings. Railing bays are supplied in widths of 2.75m.


Standing at 2.0m high, these Standard Bow Top Railings are suitable for areas requiring medium levels of security.

Gate Construction

The railings consist of solid bars which are curved in the middle and each end is passed through the upper rail and welded flush to the lower rail. It is the curve in each bar that creates the ‘Bow’ shaped top. As these are standard railings, they will need to be stepped if used on ground with slopes. There are two types of posts that are compatible with these railings – Bolt Down Posts for firm ground and Dig-In Posts for softer ground like grass.

Standard/Self-Raking Standard
Heights Available 2000mm
Post Type Available Dig In, Bolt Down
Finish Galvanised, Powder Coated
Material Galvanised Steel
PPC Colours Green, Black
Weight 132kg (panel only)