2.4m High Combi Security Palisade Fencing – LPS1175 A1 Rated (SR1)

2 April 2021


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2.4m High Combi Security Palisade Fencing – LPS1175 A1 Rated (SR1)

The 2.4m high SR1 Palisade Fencing is a range of high security fencing that has been analysed and developed through multiple different tests to create a strong, sturdy perimeter for sites where security is of the utmost importance. Unlike standard palisade fencing, the D Section Pales are inserted through V slots in the top and bottom rails. By securing the pales within the top and bottom rails, it becomes much more difficult for any vandals or intruders to remove them to gain access to the site.

Features and Benefits
The 2.4m SR1 Combi security palisade fencing is certified to LPS1175 Issue 8.

Each bay of fencing comes with an RSJ post with the dimensions 102mm x 44mm

To suit any fencing project, the SR1 range of security palisade fencing is available in a range of different heights, from 1.8m all the way up to 3.0m

Cost Effective security fencing – offering a far superior level of protection than standard palisade fencing, the SR1 range provides an excellent security solution which is ideal for sites where security is a priority. This product has undergone rigorous testing to make sure it is as strong and sturdy as possible and an excellent deterrent for would be vandals and thieves.

Quick and easy installation – Each bay of fencing is self raking which allows for quick and easy erection on uneven ground types, allowing you to get your perimeter set up in a quick and efficient manner.

Powder coating

Providing a protective layer against the effects of weathering, these bays of palisade can be ordered with an excellent quality powder coated finish. These coatings are available in a variety of RAL colours and can also help to improve the overall looks of your perimeter fencing.

Height 2400mm (installed)
Material Galvanised
Bay Width 2750mm (post centre to post centre)
Pale Type D Section Pale – Single Point
Compliant to LPS 1175 Security Rating A1
Conforms to BS1722 12:2016