358 Prison Mesh Pedestrian Gate – 1.8m high x 1.2m wide

3 April 2021


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Features and Benefits

  • Mesh construction – the narrow spaces between the wires prevent intruders getting even their fingers through the mesh, thus impeding any attempts of climbing.
  • Pre-Galvanised finish – as steel is prone to weathering and corrosion over time, a zinc coating is applied for protection.
  • Polyester Powder Coating – powder coating ultimately gives an even and professional coat of colour to your gate, as well as providing the gate with a second protective layer.
  • Ground suitability – Dig-In Posts can be used on softer ground such as clay and soil, whilst Bolt Down Posts are a more popular choice on existing concrete or tarmac.
  • Adjustable hinges make this Pedestrian Gate easy to install.



Providing separate entrances for vehicle and foot traffic is an important factor to take into consideration when installing a security fencing system around your premises. You can use this 1.2 metre wide gate to provide a secure access point for pedestrians entering your premises. With small apertures and wires that are welded at each intersection, Prison Mesh is a popular choice for high security systems. Not only are the wires extremely difficult to cut through, the mesh design allows a greater level of visibility than other types of security fencing. Yet at a height of 1.8 metres this gate is more suited to locations which only require a low level of security.

The sliding latch bolt can be slid across when the gate is closed, where a padlock can be used to lock the gate. A Heavy Duty Padlock can be added to your order in the customisation menu above.


358 Prison Mesh

358 Prison Mesh is constructed using horizontal and vertical wires, which both have a diameter of 4mm. At 12.7mm high and 76.2mm wide, the apertures within the mesh structure are narrow enough to prevent climbing activity, but at the same time, still provide a great standard of visibility. Prison Mesh is also known as 358 Mesh, which refers to the measurements in imperial units. It is the ultimate choice for high security locations, due to the fantastic strength and rigidity that it offers. Welded at each intersection, the wires are extremely resistant to cutting and vandalism attempts. As with other mesh fencing security solutions, 358 Prison Mesh is an ideal option for a range of areas including police stations and correctional units, commercial establishments, schools and airports.

All our mesh gates are Hot Dip Galvanized, in line with the requirements of BS EN ISO 1461:2009, to offer protection against rust and corrosion. This unique process offers complete coverage and provides maximum protection through a tough and abrasion resistant coating.
Steel being Hot Dip Galvanized progresses through a temperature cycle upon immersion into and withdrawal from the galvanizing bath. Within this dipping process, uneven heating occurs, creating a temperature profile along the part being galvanized. This temperature profile allows the steels internal stresses to be relieved at different times in the immersion cycle. These stresses may cause changes in shape and/or alignment, evident with distortion and warping. Whist we take all reasonable care during the service, we cannot accept liability relating to distortion, buckling, fracture or change in the properties of the goods. Our standard terms and conditions of sale apply at all times