656 Mesh Sheets – Panels Only

3 April 2021


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656 Mesh Sheets – Panels

These 656 Mesh sheets come in 4 different heights, 1830mm, 2030mm, 2430mm and 3030mm. These mesh sheets also are all 3.0m (3000mm) in width.

656 mesh, otherwise known as twin mesh is safe and secure for your perimeter fencing is usually found on a variety of sites such as schools, industrial sites and commercial buildings. We also have some privacy strips available if you are looking to provide privacy from what is within the fencing.

It is a heavy-duty mesh system. This is something that has been designed to be difficult to tamper with for any intruders or vandals. It is made up of vertical steel wire which is pressed between two steel wires which run horizontal in parallel to one another. This makes it resistant to being cut and vandalism, this mesh has been designed to discourage intruders from attempting to climb over it to gain access.

These mesh sheets are available in a pre-galvanised or powder coated finish. This means that the steel has been pre-treated and you are able to order the mesh panel in any colour that you desire.

Please Note: This product is sold as a sheet only, these items are not kits so if ordered they will have no clips or fixings included, any fixings ordered with the mesh sheets will need to be purchased separately. If you do require a kit then these are within a separate place on the website under Mesh Security Fencing.

Mesh Type 656 Mesh
Material Pre-Galvanised, Powder Coated
Heights 1830mm, 2030mm, 2430mm, 3030mm
Width 2506mm