AlphaBloc Barriers

2 April 2021


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These unique waterfilled barriers are made to withstand extreme environments such as: changing weather patterns, accidental damage and construction damage.

They are made from moulded HDPE blocks with an easily foldable design with a strong, durable hinge. When filled to the advised watermark increases their weight drastically increases to promote further stability.

Used in:

These multipurpose barriers can be used in a variety of different scenarios. They interlock with each other to enforce a protected barrier with little movement. Due to the manoeuvrability of the barrier many people choose to use them on their projects, examples of projects that have successfully used the Alphabloc barriers are:

  • Construction works
  • Industrial safety pathways
  • Roadblocks and/or guides
  • Event organisation

They come in both red and white in order to stand out as a safety barrier. By alternating the colours in their fitted state, you enforce a clearly visible safety barrier as the colours stand out above the surroundings.

Storage and transport:

By choosing to use Alphabloc barriers you not only save money but also space. Due to their unique design, they can be folded into themselves and then stacked on top of each other. All of the Alphabloc barriers are designed with easy access handles, meaning that they can easily be moved into different positions when necessary.

You can comfortably stack 40 barriers on top of a pallet for storage convenience. This apt storage option will save you time and money when it comes to transporting the barriers and then storing them after use.

Product Barrier
Weight (Empty) 5.5kg
Weight (Full) 20+kg
Height 626.5mm
Width 1064mm
Depth (Closed) 118mm
Depth (Open) 391mm
Material Type Polyethylene
colour Red / White