Anti-Tamper Coupler Spanner

2 April 2021


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This anti-tamper coupler spanner has been designed to be used in conjunction with anti-tamper couplers for temporary fencing panels. This spanner is required if you wish to use the anti-tamper couplers for additional security for your temporary fencing perimeter. Vandals or trespassers may have access to coupler spanners or other tools which may allow them to undo and remove standard couplers to gain access to your site. The anti-tamper couplers cannot be tightened by hand or with another type of coupler spanner, this adds an additional level of protection, preventing trespassers or vandals from tampering with the fencing. When installing temporary fencing, it is recommended to use 2 couplers per panel connection to provide a higher level of strength and security to your fencing.

Made from Carbon Steel, this coupler spanner has been designed to be long lasting and hard wearing making a great addition to your fencing toolkit.

In order to use this anti-tamper coupler spanner, the three prongs which are located within the shorter section of the spanner into the bolt socket of the anti-tamper coupler. The long handle can then be used to turn the spanner, loosening or tightening the bolts.

Please Note: The anti-tamper coupler spanner does not come with anti-tamper couplers, these are sold separately.

We stock a wide variety of parts and accessories for your temporary fencing from stabilising bars and blocks to help support your perimeter, especially in poor weather conditions, to debris nettings and tarpaulins to offer your site protection from the elements as well as some additional privacy.

Material Carbon Steel
Suitable For Anti-Tamper Couplers