Crowd Control Barrier Stillage – holds 25

2 April 2021



Storage and transportation of crowd control barriers can be time and space consuming, save time and space with our crowd control barrier stillages.

Each of these stillages has been constructed from high quality galvanised steel and can safely hold up to 25 fixed leg crowd control barriers. To make loading and unloading the barriers easier, the posts on each of the corners can be removed. To decrease space taken up in warehouses, the stillages can also be stacked on top of each other thanks to the design of the feet.

These crowd control barrier stillages can be moved safely by forklifts or pump trucks, with a high ground clearance and reinforced supports for the forks, making moving and loading or unloading these quick, easy, and safe.

To protect the stillages against the effects of weathering and rust, these have been constructed from galvanised steel. This means that the steel has a protective zinc coating which helps to protect the metals from rusting and allows it to keep its silver finish longer than untreated steel.

Why use crowd control barriers?

Crowd control barriers are an ideal choice for crowd management during large public events such as festivals or sporting events. These can be linked together to create strong barricades which can be used for walkways or to prevent access to particular areas.

Material= Galvanised Steel