Cycle Barrier Stillage

2 April 2021


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Constructed from high quality galvanised steel, these cycle barriers have been designed to allow for easy and safe transportation and storage of cycle barriers.

Each of these barrier stillages has a ground clearance which allows pump truck or forklift truck forks to slide under, making loading and offloading these stillages onto and off trucks and lorries fast and easy. To reduce the amount of space these take up within a warehouse, it is possible to stack stillages on top of each other.

To protect against the effects of weathering and rust, the stillages have been constructed from galvanised steel. This metal has a zinc coating which forms a protective barrier and allows the steel to keep its silver finish much longer than untreated steel.

One of these cycle barrier stillages can hold up to 10 cycle barriers safely and securely. To make adding and removing barriers from these stillages easier, it is possible to remove the posts on each corner.

Why use Cycle Barriers?

Cycle barriers are an ideal health and safety solution for large running or cycle racing events. Each of the barriers has been constructed from high quality carbon steel and is angled to protect both cyclists and spectators in the event of a collision or crash.

Height 1600mm
Length 3232mm
Width 1200mm
Material Galvanised Steel