Danger Construction Site Health and Safety Sign

2 April 2021


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Our ‘Danger Construction Site’ health and safety signs are ideal for display around construction sites to warn the general public of potential hazards. As these health and safety signs have been made from correx, they are water resistant which makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The sign has been constructed to the highest of standards and clearly displays the yellow warning triangle with ‘Danger Construction Site’ in large, easy to read lettering.

The dimensions of the sign are 300mm x 210mm which makes these clear and readable in many weather conditions and at different distances

With health and safety signage, these will need to be displayed clearly and unobstructed in order to prevent or reduce any potential risks of injury to staff or members of the general public which it may not be possible to control or avoid. For example, if a construction site is not clearly signed a member of the public could potentially walk in and wind up getting injured. Having these signs on display helps to prevent this from happening and will encourage staff on site to be more aware to take care when carrying out work.

We hold a variety of health and safety signage in stock, be sure to take a look at the rest of our range, which offers health and safety signs for different sites and various requirements.