Eco Fixed Leg Crowd Control Barrier 2.3m Package Deal x50

2 April 2021


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Our Eco Barriers are a cheaper alternative for crowd management. Made from Galvanised steel, these barriers are rust resistant, long-lasting and designed to withstand a certain degree of force and different climates. The welded feet are able to hold the sturdy positioning of the barrier line whilst also being able to withstand vertical force, for example, if someone was to stand on the barrier it would be able to securely withstand it whilst continuing to hold a security barricade.

The 5mm vertical wires are a lot thinner than the standard crowd control barriers. This allows for a low to medium level of security whilst also saving you money on the overall cost of the barrier.


The Eco barrier system can be used on a wide variety of different projects as they are clear and sturdy in order to efficiently guide pedestrians and protect them. Some examples in which you may use them include:

  • Event crowd control and security
  • Construction site access points and pathways
  • Restricted access boundaries
  • Small festivals

The Galvanised finish allows for them to be used safely without rusting on a range of outdoor uses. Due to this finish, they can be used multiple times on different projects and sites.

Storage and Transportation:

The interlocking system allows for a straightforward installation and dismantling process. This is intended to reduce the set-up time and make for an easy process if they do need to be moved. They can easily be moved into different positions.

They can be easily stored compactly by securing them back to back to allow for a convenient storage method.

Height 1000mm
Width 2300mm
Material Galvanised Steel
Foot Type Fixed Leg