Euro Road Barriers 1 Metre

2 April 2021


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The 1 metre long waterfilled euro road barriers are used for the safety and security of the surrounding people and environment. The plastic made barriers are durable and weather resistant, so they can withstand long periods outside without rusting or disintegrating.

They naturally are built to be taller and longer than standard Evo Barriers. Subsequently meaning that they can be used for roles that need that bigger footprint.

Main uses:

These highly visible barriers are perfect for guiding vehicular and pedestrian traffic around safety. Some uses that you may consider using the barriers for are:

  • Roadworks
  • Pedestrian and Vehicle separation
  • Safe pathway for employees and members of the public to pass through a dangerous site

Key Features:

A main feature of the Euro Waterfilled safety barrier is the colours. The bold red and white finish stands out against most backgrounds. With that said, you can choose to have the barriers finished in a different colour, if you would require this pleased contact us for more details.

The interlocking system that is manufactured on all our Euro Barriers prevents movement in the safety line. By having them lock into each other they are secured to the chosen position making it a sturdier safety system, protecting the barriers from unauthorised alteration.

Storage and Transport:

These type of waterfilled barriers when empty are light and easily moveable. Therefore, they can be simply moved from one location to the next. In addition, they can be stacked securing on top of one another enabling a tidy and compact storage space.

Product Offers and Pallets
Height 650mm
Length 1000mm