Fence Ballast Block

2 April 2021


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The fence ballast block has been designed for use with thermoplastic feet for temporary fencing and steel hoarding panels. These heavy-duty blocks have been made from reinforced concrete, which has been painted with a high visibility yellow finish. Each of the blocks weighs 50 kg so will be able to keep your fencing secure in the strongest of winds.

With the fence ballast blocks weighing down the thermoplastic feet of your temporary fencing the strength and stability of your fencing will be increased. This is ideal for preventing your fencing from being knocked over, especially during poor weather conditions.

It is highly recommended to use two ballast blocks per thermoplastic foot, one in front and one behind the fencing panel for maximum stability. If additional stability is required, the ballast blocks can be stacked on top of each other to increase the weight. For further stability it is also recommended to use stabilising bars which can also prevent your fencing from falling over.

We stock a wide variety of parts and accessories for your temporary fencing from stabilising bars and blocks to help support your perimeter, especially in poor weather conditions, to debris nettings and tarpaulins to offer your site protection from the elements as well as some additional privacy.