Firmus Plastic Pedestrian Barrier 2m

1 April 2021


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These incredibly robust pedestrian barriers have been designed for use in a wide variety of environments to create high visibility perimeters for use around construction sites or as a crowd management solution.

Each of the Firmus barriers has been constructed from strong and resilient HDPE which has been UV stabilised ensuring that there will be minimal colour discolouration or fading.

This range of high visibility barriers are chapter 8 compliant, each of which is supplied with a reflective red and white strip to increase visibility in low light or poor weather conditions. If further visibility is required, it is possible to install flashing beacons to the top of each of the barriers.

Whilst being incredibly robust and tough, this range of barriers remains lightweight, with each weighing 12kg, (if using the standard barrier feet, if the anti-trip feet are installed the overall weight is 13.5kg) allowing for easy transportation and installation. They are also suitable to be stacked for storage and transportation.

The Firmus barrier systems use a pin system which allows them to lock together, preventing tampering or theft once the barriers have been fixed together.

As standard, these barriers are supplied with the standard feet, however anti trip feet can be installed to these barriers to help keep walkways clear and prevent tripping accidents from occurring.