Metal Feet for Crowd Control Barriers

2 April 2021


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These metal feet have been designed to be used with the loose leg crowd control barriers to provide them with a stable foundation.

These feet can be easily attached to the bottom of the loose leg barriers when in use. They can then be removed when the barriers are no longer required to allow for easier stacking and transportation of both the barriers and the feet.

The large surface area of the feet themselves allow for increased stability of the loose leg barriers making them suitable for being placed on both hard and soft ground types.

To further protect the crowd control barrier feet from the effects of weathering, rust and other forms of damage, the feet are available in a range of RAL colour powder coated finishes. Having the feet powder coated will allow them to match your loose foot crowd control barriers, allowing for a aesthetically pleasing crowd control barrier line or perimeter. – Please note: lead times apply for powder coated finishes

Crowd control barriers are an ideal solution for crowd management during events or festivals. They can be used to create walkways for pedestrians, preventing them from accidentally wandering into potentially dangerous areas.

We supply a wide range of crowd control barriers, both plastic and metal. Allowing you to find a barrier type which is suitable for your requirements.

Height 105mm
Length 600mm
Weight 2.11kg
Material Galvanised Steel