Panel to Gate Conversion Kit

2 April 2021


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The panel to gate conversion kit allows for the standard temporary fencing panels to be converted into a gate which is the width of the panel itself. This makes this particular gate system ideal for occasional access for vehicles to enter into your temporary fencing structure. If this kit is used with our standard temporary fencing panels, this offers an opening size which will accommodate a wide variety of vehicle widths. The conversion kit can be quickly and easily installed or removed should you no longer require an access gate.

Included in this Kit

The kit itself comprises of two components, the gate hinge and the castor wheel. Both components have been constructed from galvanised steel which offers them additional protection against rusting and weathering.

Gate Hinge – The gate hinge is attached to the top of the temporary fencing panel, allowing the panel the ability to pivot up to 180 degrees.

Castor wheel – This wheel can easily be attached to the bottom of the temporary fencing panel, which, along with the hinge, allows the panel to open and close smoothly.

Please note: To install this panel conversion kit, standard temporary fencing panels are required. This kit cannot be installed on the heavy duty round top panels.
This kit is also suited towards temporary fencing structures which have been erected on a flat, relatively smooth surface such as an area that has been covered in tarmac or concrete to allow the wheel to move smoothly.