Police Barrier Stillage

2 April 2021


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The police barrier stillages provide an easy storage and transportation solution for police crowd control barriers.

One of the police barrier stillages can hold up to 30 police crowd control barriers safely and securely. These also have an increased ground clearance with additional reinforcements to allow these to be moved with the use of a forklift or pump truck.

Height: 1624mm

Width: 930mm

Weight: 46.2kg

Each stillage has been constructed from high quality galvanised steel. This zinc coating provides a protective layer against the effects of weathering and rusting, allowing this metal to keep its silver finish longer than untreated steel.

Using stillages can save a lot of time and manpower when loading, unloading and assembling your crowd control barriers and help to protect them from damage during storage.

As with crowd control barriers, it is highly recommended that these are stored in a clean dry environment when not in use.

Why use police barriers?

Police crowd control barriers are the strongest heavy duty barriers available in this category. They have been designed for use in incredibly demanding environments. Their mesh infill panels increase the amount of damage these barriers can withstand compared to standard crowd control barriers.

We supply a range of crowd control barriers and accessories to suit a variety of requirements, be sure to have a look at the rest of the range to find your ideal crowd management system.