Pyramid Barrier 1 Metre

2 April 2021


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The Waterfilled Pyramid Barriers are similar to the Evo Barriers in style and practice but can be used to create a full 90-degree corners. Being able to do this enables workers to box off sites from the general public and act as a warning for other project employees.

As standard, the barriers come in red and white. They also have an interlocking system like the Evo barriers enforcing the security barrier for the project you need them for. In fact, due to the interlocking design, they will, in fact, fit most waterfilled barriers with the same design in an aim to further your usage of these safety barriers.

How to use Pyramid Barriers:

The pyramid barriers can be used in a wide variety of scenarios. When empty they are light (5kg) to move and easy to position, in comparison to what they are filled to the water line (55kg) they will hold themselves in position proving very difficult for anyone to move or tamper with.

Some examples of where you could use the pyramid barriers are:

  • Construction or building works
  • Traffic separation, pedestrian and vehicular
  • Roadblocks and diversions
  • Specific small project areas

Due to the ability to position them at 90-degree angles, you will be able to mould them into a small square. By utilising the Pyramid barriers flexible design, you not only save space by reducing the barrier circumference but it also clearly identifies where the hazard is by having a tighter safety perimeter.

Storage and Transporting:

They are easily stacked on top of each other to reduce the storage space. When emptied you will be able to easily store and transport the barriers due to their lightweight design.

Product Barrier
Height 560mm
Length 1000mm
Pack Size 24