Replacement ClearPath foot for Avalon Barriers

2 April 2021


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Increase visibility and reduce the risk of potential tripping accidents with the use of these high visibility ClearPath feet. These replacement feet have been designed for use with the Avalon range of plastic barriers.

These have been made with an incredibly low profile compared to standard Avalon barrier feet. This helps to reduce the risk of pedestrians who may be walking close to the barrier line tripping over the feet. The curved design also helps to reduce the chances of footwear catching on the foot bases helping to further reduce trip and fall risks. Each foot comes in a high visibility yellow colour, helping the feet to stand out and reduce the risk of injury.

This range of barrier feet can be used to replace broken or damaged Avalon barrier feet, or to replace the standard black feet with this safer and more visible option.

As well as these ClearPath feet, we also supply replacement standard feet for the Avalon barrier range, plus a wide selection of Avalon barriers and packages to meet your site or job requirements. Should you require a different type of barrier, we also supply a wide range of different barriers ranging from plastic to fixed leg crowd control barriers to suit any job or application.

Height 1000mm
Length 2000mm
Product Barrier
Height 1000mm
Length 2000mm
Material Polyethylene [Body], Recycled PVC [Feet]
Reflective Strips Compliant to BSEN12899-1
Conformity BSEN8442 [wind stability], Chapter 8
Pack Size 40