Replacement Standard Foot for Avalon Barrier

2 April 2021


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Designed for use with the Avalon range of plastic crowd control barriers, these replacement feet can be used as a cost effective way of repairing your barriers should the feet become damaged.

During large events, the feet on Avalon barriers may become damaged, either by accident or through vandalism. To make sure that your crowd control barriers can still be used to direct and prevent pedestrians from accessing particular areas, these replacement feet can be quickly replaced keeping your perimeter or barrier line secure.

Why use Avalon barriers?

This range of versatile safety barriers are suitable for a wide range of crowd management applications.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these high visibility barriers are also constructed from incredibly tough HDPE allowing them to withstand impacts.

The feet on this range of barriers can not only be removed easily if they should become damaged but can be removed to make transportation and storage much easier.

To prevent theft or tampering, this range of Avalon barriers features a unique interlocking system which makes it difficult for vandals or thieves to dismantle your perimeter or barrier system.

As well as the standard feet we also supply the clearpath feet which have been designed to help prevent tripping based accidents by increasing visibility and having a reduced hight profile.

Product Accessories
Height 49mm/60mm
Width 08mm/10mm
Depth 17mm
Material Plastic