Roadbloc Barrier 1.0m

2 April 2021


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Manufactured using Solathene HD and tested to the highest standard these waterfilled RoadBloc barriers are the perfect companion for any type of traffic management scenario.

The durability of these barriers allows them to work to their full potential whilst being damage resistant. With this in mind, they exceed the expectations of the majority of users within the Traffic Management Industry, giving them peace of mind in the effectiveness of the barrier system. The watertight design on the waterfilled barriers themselves allows them to be used, safely, as a weight if required.

How to use the Roadbloc System:

The distinctive 45-degree hinge allows for movement and flexibility in the arrangement of the barriers themselves. Due to this, the RoadBloc Barriers have a diverse range in what they can be used for, for example, these systems can be installed on uneven ground whilst still maintaining a strong linking connection between the barriers.

Possible uses are:

  • Creating a temporary mini roundabout
  • Separating vehicular and pedestrian traffic
  • Outlining construction site access for workers and pedestrians
  • Event organisation, pedestrian and vehicular pathway demarcation

It is also an option to add a reflective strip into the barriers, so their visibility can be heightened, recommended if the barriers were to be positioned on the roadside as it will increase visibility during the night or adverse weather conditions.

Storage and Transport:

The Barriers conveniently stack on top of each other. In fact, when emptied, you can comfortably stack 20 barriers at a time allowing them to be stored away safety and transported with ease. They can be transported by hand when they are empty, or they can be moved in bulk using a forklift truck when they are stacked.

Height 600mm
Length 1000mm