Slot Block Barrier Set

2 April 2021


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We sell the Slot Block Barrier system in a pack of one red and one white barrier to allow for a for an efficient purchasing process, resulting in one barrier set per temporary fencing panel. This robust plastic barrier system is designed to heighten the security around your project area. The unique design allows for temporary fencing panels to quickly and easily fitted, whilst still conforming to the expected standards of a stable fencing system.

Not only are they secure but they are also 100% recyclable and due to their long-lasting design, they will need minimal maintenance in order to save you money overall.

Available in red and white colours, the slot block barriers offer a high level of visibility in order to increase the safety within your site and project perimeters. Having these barriers installed on your temporary fencing structure will reduce the risk of tripping. This is done through the increased visibility and smooth finish.


Due to the flexibility of these heavy-duty waterfilled barriers, you can use them on a wide range of different projects. You will easily be able to adapt the slot barrier into a highly secure waterfilled barrier with fence panels. Some examples of environments in which the slot barrier can be used to its full potential are:

  • Building sites near high traffic areas.
  • Construction site safety.
  • Safety around maintenance areas

The slot barriers are the only waterfilled barrier to comply with the standard size temporary fencing panels. The standard size is 3.5m x 2.0m but all variations of temporary fencing that we offer will fit the slot barrier perfectly. You will need two waterfilled barriers per one temporary fencing panel in order to secure your barrier line.

Fully MIRA tested, the Slot Block Barrier is a durable and robust barrier support system which is suitable for multiple use. Two Barriers are required per Temporary Fencing Panel; however, we supply Slot Block Barriers as single items.

Storage and Transportation:

Each barrier contains 50mm drainage points to allow you to quickly empty them in order to manually transport them without heavy-duty vehicles. When they are empty, they weigh approximately 14kg so you will be ale to comfortably manoeuvre them before filling them.

Colour White and Red
Material HDPE
Feature Mira Tested