Standard Coupler Spanner

2 April 2021


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The coupler spanner has been designed to secure coupler fixings onto a temporary fencing system. This includes tightening and loosening bolts for construction or dismantling of a temporary fencing perimeter.

A coupler spanner would be required to make sure that the bolts are secure and tight, which would be difficult to do by hand.
Using a coupler spanner with your temporary fencing system will also allow for a much higher level of security. The strong carbon steel construction of the spanner will allow the temporary fencing coupler bolts to be tightened to a degree where it would be incredibly difficult for them to be tampered with.
Our range of standard couplers are installed using this particular type of spanner. The nut and bolt system slots through the centre of the two coupler halves which when tightened will secure the two panels together.

Please note: Couplers for temporary fencing are sold separately
If your site requires additional security, we also have anti tamper couplers which are suitable for use with the temporary fencing panels, these have a different coupler spanner which is required – click here for more information.

We supply a wide variety of accessories for your temporary fencing from stabilising bars to help support your perimeter, especially in poorer weather conditions, to debris nettings and tarpaulins to offer your site some additional privacy.

Material Carbon Steel
Suitable For Standard Couplers