Stripe Mesh Sheets – Panels Only

3 April 2021


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Stripe Mesh Sheet

These stripe mesh sheets come available in three different heights; 1830mm, 2030mm, 2430mm.

The striped mesh design has an appealing appearance so can suit many commercial and public facing needs. Due to the high-density weld, the stripe mesh configuration has a natural anti-climb feature as well as unauthorised interference prevention. Making it a perfect security fence for a variety of different needs. Additionally, the V style stripe create a 3D effect of which not only draws attention to the fence highlighting its presence but also increases the security levels due by making scaling and bending the mesh more difficult. The main uses of the Stripe Mesh Panels would be places such as schools, hospitals, airports and commercial building.

These Stripe Mesh sheets come available in a powder coated options which allows you to be able to choose a colour match to suit your requirements, we predominantly offer these in a green or black colour. We are also able to offer additional privacy strips which can go onto or through the panels in order to offer an increased level of privacy and security.

Important to note that this item is sold as single sheets and this product is not sold as a kit, therefore posts or fixings will not be included with this product.
We do offer a full kit option with post and fixings within the security fencing, mesh section of our website.