V Mesh Sheets – Panels Only

3 April 2021


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V Mesh Sheets – Panels

These V Mesh sheets come available in pre-galvanised and PPC varieties in the following 3 heights: 1730mm, 1930mm and 2330mm.

V Mesh fencing has V shapes which have been pressed into the steel wires to increase the firmness, strength, and severity of the panel. The shape of this particular mesh also adds an extra level of safety and security by increasing the difficulty a trespasser would have trying to gain access through or over the fencing to get within the site. The design of the V mesh fencing is more child friendly than other ranges of fencing like palisade fencing, making it a good resolution for sites that have children or adults. V mesh offers high levels of visibility without compromising the security aspect. This mesh sheet has narrow openings amongst the horizontal and vertical wires which would make it more difficult to try and force entry.

These V Mesh sheets come available in pre-galvanised steel and powder coated options which means that you can have the sheets to colour match to suit your requirements, we predominantly offer these in a green or black colour.

Note: These items are not a kit, this product is mesh sheet only and therefore will not come with posts and fixings. If this is something, then you require then we do also have the whole kit available on our website which would be under the security fencing in the mesh fencing section of our website.

Mesh Type V Mesh
Material Pre-Galvanised, Self-Coloured, Powder Coated
Height 1230mm, 1730mm, 1930mm, 2330mm, 2958mm
Width 2505mm, 3000mm