Walk-Through Crowd Control Barrier

2 April 2021


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This Walk Through Crowd Control Barrier is designed for Crowd Control Barrier systems and will provide a clear entry or exit point for pedestrian traffic. By attaching this Walk Through Barrier to a Crowd Control Barrier system, pedestrian traffic can effectively be controlled as pedestrians will only be able to enter or leave via one access point, plus the number of people passing through the barrier at one time will also be limited.

The Walk-Through Crowd Control Barrier can be supplied with either fixed legs or loose legs. The barrier is made from high quality galvanised steel and is also powder coated in red which increases its visibility, along with making it more resilient to factors such as rust and damage.

With a secure linking pin system, the Fixed Leg Walk Through Crowd Control Barrier is easy to attach to other Crowd Control Barriers. It is extremely robust and is designed for temporary use, so it can be used multiple times in various locations.

Steel Crowd Control Barrier systems are commonly used for outdoor events to provide safe pedestrian traffic management. This item that does not feature a gate means for efficient pedestrian access for things such as events for crowd control management.

Please note: Metal Feet for Loose Leg Barriers are sold separately. We also offer a version which comes with a swing gate if your needs require this also. We would recommend also ordering the eco crowd control barriers in order to accommodate this walk through to make the walk through more prominent.

Leg Type Fixed Leg
Finish Red, Black
Material Galvanised Steel